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The Akashic Records
Jan Boddie, PhD and Marystella Church, CHT
Original Date: Thursday, August 20, 2015

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For years we embraced the metaphor, believed the Akashic Records was a Big Book, a Library in the Sky, a detailed record of all occurrences throughout time, space and matter. In 2005 we met the Akashic Records, one Being who became as many Beings as needed to form a Circle of Remembering. In our experience, the energies they offer inform, assist, heal each situation. We'll share some of our encounters with the Akashic Records, then invite them to join us at Many Rivers. What do you yearn to remember?

Jan was a psychotherapist in private practice, Marystella an International Tour Director in 1993 when Spirit reunited them to keep a vow made lifetimes before, a promise not remembered. That first meeting, orchestrated and unavoidable, initiated them into a vortex journey beyond beliefs. They stumbled along with endless challenges, lessons and blessings as their companions. Since 1996 they've lived on a half-acre of land in the middle of a subdivision in Santa Rosa where a dozen Earth vortices and portals have been unveiled, the first on Spring Equinox, 2001.

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