The Controversy and Mystery of Forgiveness
Auriella McCarthy, Author of The Power of the Possible
Original date: Thursday, December 17, 2009

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"Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds. Forgiveness Will." –Auriela McCarthy

Auriela McCarthy, award-winning author of The Power of the Possible, a book of hope and inspiration, asks "What life would you be living if your past didn't hold you back?" Here are some of the topics she’ll explore: Why forgive? Who deserves forgiveness, and when do they deserve it? Which (if any) conditions must be met before we can forgive? Do only people who have met the conditions deserve forgiveness? Is forgiveness for the victim or for the perpetrator? Is there a crime that is "unforgivable"? How do you forgive yourself when you don't believe you deserve forgiveness? Why is remorse often the hardest thing to feel? Is forgiveness an act of will? A choice? Or is it Divine Grace? Finally, Auriela will discuss why no change is possible without forgiveness happening first. Bring your questions!

Auriela McCarthy has been helping people with their life and relationships issues for 15 years. After a spiritual awakening followed by 20 years of internal reflection and deep immersion into metaphysics, she emerged as a spiritual teacher with a clear message of hope, compassion and understanding.

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