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Becoming Familiar with Silence
Jim Wilson, Poet, Philosopher, Spiritual Practitioner, and co-founder of Many Rivers
Original Date: Thursday, July 30, 2015

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The practice of interior silence is a subtle spiritual path. Most of us have experience with exterior silence from hiking in nature or times of chosen solitude. How do we find the peace and serenity of exterior silence within, when our minds are so busy and raucous? Based on the Quaker tradition of silent prayer, and integrating other traditions' approaches to interior silence, Jim Wilson will discuss his own journey into that realm of true peace. The way of interior silence is simple and accessible to anyone: scholar and worker, monastic and layperson. It is a type of prayer that one can engage with at any time, under any circumstances.

Jim Wilson is one of the founders of Many Rivers Books & Tea. He studied Buddhism in Korea and Japan as a Chogye Zen monk, worked as a Prison Chaplain, and currently spends much of his free time writing poetry.

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