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Spiritual Trails in Cave of the Casting Bones
Sashana Proctor, author of Cave of the Casting Bones
Original Date: Thursday, December 14, 2017

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Come to know some of the origins of the author's poetry when she talks about the people and experiences that have influenced her beliefs: West African cosmology from Malidoma Some, hypnotherapy, past life tales and guides, her own heritage, and studies with Francis Weller, a wiseman teaching Americans how to find their own indigenous roots. Hear her share images that live in her heart and become familiar with her journey to find her place and her people in a world where she has often felt other than. Sashana is a woman who believes in the vital roles personal honesty and the willingness to live heartfully play in connection between people. This is a woman who remains close to the Ancestors, who calls on their wisdom and presence in her daily life. She will read you poems about all these things and more.

A California native, Sashana Kane Proctor is a redwood hillside dweller, one of your Cazadero neighbors. She has been writing all her life but has only been able to really immerse in a writing life in the last ten years. Everything before that was grist and "hallelujah for that," she says. In addition to her book, Cave of the Casting Bones, which came out this past spring, her work has appeared in Sonoma State University's literary magazine, Flight, Women's Voices, Harlots' Sauce, The Scream Online's anthology entitled, "Heaven and Hell," and in the past year she was awarded Honorable Mention and publication in New Millennium Writings journal.

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