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Coincidence? Looking for the Physics of Unexpected Opportunities
Sky Nelson, Physicist and Songwriter
Original Date: Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Sky Nelson creates an open-minded space by sharing heartfelt, original positive music. He speaks on the connection between physics and synchronicity, helping his audiences see examples of meaningful coincidence all around. Is the universe a friendly place? Einstein said this is one of the most profound questions we can ask. A modern mainstream answer to this would be that nature is indifferent to us. Sky will instead propose that what we experience is actually a reflection of our own actions. Therefore, the question to ask is 'Am I a friendly place?'

Sky Nelson is a software developer and physics educator with a BA in physics from University of California, Berkeley, and a Teaching Credential in physics from Sonoma State University. Sky has 9 years of physics and math teaching experience at UC Berkeley, Montgomery High School, and Sonoma Academy High School in Santa Rosa, CA. His papers have appeared in the conference proceedings for the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (AAAS) and the Journal for Scientific Exploration. Sky has presented his work connecting physics and synchronicity at a variety of conferences including "Towards a Science of Consciousness", "Science and Non-duality Conference", and the AAAS. Sky is currently a Project Coordinator for Information Systems at Coop Communications, Inc. He is an award winning songwriter, performing his original compositions at the Centers for Spiritual Living and Unity Centers across the country. He is also a keynote presenter on the possible connections between physics and meaningful coincidences in everyday life.

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