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The Conversation about Conscious Parenting
Festival of Conscious Parenting Volunteers and Audience
Original Date: Thursday, May 15, 2014

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Who has not experienced a disconnect between the ways that we want to show up for the world, and the actuality of what we do? The Festival of Conscious Parenting in Santa Rosa next month will open a conversation about how to create loving, nurturing contexts for children and youth. To create loving, nurturing contexts, we need to be authentically present with what is happening right now, just as it is. Thus the conversation about showing up responsibly for kids becomes the conversation about showing up authentically in our own lives. For these purposes, the word “Conversation” is both metaphor and method. We need the method of conversation because there is no one-size-fits-all exterior-world definition of conscious parenting to settle upon. We need to find ways to tune into our own deepest intuitions about how to show up authentically for our children and ourselves, and ironically, conversation with others offers great resources to do so. The method of engaging in conversation is also a metaphor for how we tune into the interior wisdom that is the truest source of loving action. Join us for an evening of conversational reflection on showing up lovingly for those who matter most deeply.

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