De-Mystifying Qi
David Parker
Original date: Thursday, March 4, 2010

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Many of us have heard of Qi (say chee), but do we know what it really is, or how to work with it and make it tangible? We will start with what qi is commonly thought to be in the west, then compare that to the dictionary definition, and to what it means to a Chinese person. We will look at some of the Chinese characters used for qi through the ages as clues to its meanings, and consider general and medical/cultivation usage. We'll engage in a simple qigong practice to take it from our thoughts into our bodies as a tangible experience. Qi may seem mysterious, it can be contemplated deeply, but it is also an everyday thing that we are always swimming in and we can easily work with. Along the way we will learn a little about the Chinese philosophy and the culture that these ideas came out of.

David Parker is an acupressure therapist in Sebastopol. He has studied and practiced Chinese medicine and qi cultivation arts since 1987 with both western and Chinese instructors. He teaches ongoing weekly classes in Sebastopol in qigong and taijiquan.

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