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The Destination Is the Present
Regina Sara Ryan, Free-lance Editor, Workshop Leader, Author of Praying Dangerously, Igniting the Inner Life, and many other titles
Original Date: Thursday, October 6, 2016

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“Know Thyself” is among the foundational life-teachings of humanity, present throughout varied cultures, and interwoven in every philosophical or spiritual tradition. “Know Thyself” is a present phenomenon ONLY.

The first-step, or essential tool, in this Knowing is the simple practice of self-observation. Simple yes, but easy no, as attention and presence are so readily captured and held by thousands of other options. Lacking self-knowledge, humans are habit-machines, repeating endless dead-end runs, easily seducible, and asleep at the wheel of life. Only in the Present may I Know—objectively, without lying or imagination—if I am awake and present to life.

This evening talk is based on the books Self Observation and Self Remembrance by Red Hawk, a poet and university professor, and thirty-year practitioner of this methodology. His books have been translated into six languages, and are used worldwide as primers in this essential practice.

REGINA SARA RYAN ( is a freelance editor, an author (The Woman Awake; Igniting the Inner Life; Challenging the Lie of Never Good Enough, others) and a retreat leader. She has studied this technology with RedHawk for years, and serves as a senior member of his support team. She also leads a study group on this topic in northern Arizona, where she lives with her husband.

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