Introduction to Diamond Logos Teachings
Gail Johnson, MA, MFA, Clare McLaughlin, MA, MFT, Crystal McLeod
Original date: Thursday, January 15, 2009

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Gail, Clare, and Crystal will introduce the work of Faisal Muqaddam, the originator of the Diamond Logos Teachings and the Co-originator and co-developer (with A.H. Almaas) of the "Diamond Approach" to spiritual development. The Diamond Logos Teachings convey a unique and active contemplative approach to revealing, understanding, and transforming the psychological patterns blocking our spontaneous attunement with essence. Diamond refers to the capacity of precision and accuracy. Logos is the word, the original word, which brings expression and articulation. Much of the spiritual journey has not been communicated and the Diamond Logos articulates the guidance and grace of the mystery of be known, seen and felt.

Gail Johnson, MA, MFA, board certified Art Therapist. Diamond Logos Teacher studying with Faisal since 1993. Lengthy study with indigenous Huichol healers/teachers Jaichima and Vincente; Pomo Healer Lorin Smith and Buddhist teacher Thrangu Rinpoche. A practicing psycho-spiritual teacher using Somatic Creative Inquiry Process in the service of meeting and aligning with Being. Clare McLaughlin MA, MFT, Licensed psychotherapist. Diamond Logos Teacher. 25 years experience in the healing arts profession. Extensive training in 'Somatic', 'Creative Process', 'Trauma Release' and 'Relationship' paradigms, meditation, prayer, inquiry, breathwork. Her clinical skill, wisdom and sincerity create a safe container for your psychological/spiritual transformation. Crystal McLeod became a Diamond Logos student ten years ago after many years as a resident in a Gurdjieff 4th way group. She is a certified Bereavement Counselor. Her extensive experience on the spiritual path has offered her teachings in a variety of disciplines including Gurdjieff concentration techniques and vipassana, tantric and cathartic meditation practices. She holds a degree in Art History, is a singer, and is the mother of two grown children.

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