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A Daoist Practice Journal Volume II
Shifu Michael Rinaldini, Author of A Daoist Practice Journal
Original Date: Thursday, January 26, 2017

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A Daoist Practice Journal, Book 2: Circle Walking, Qigong and Daoist Cultivation is the second book in a series on the practices for walking the Daoist path by a modern day, western Daoist priest. This second book consists of journal entries by the author from June 2013 to October 2016. It picks up with his journey where he left off in his first book, A Daoist Practice Journal: Come Laugh With Me in February 2013. The main topics covered include Qigong circle walking, both technique and health benefits. It includes a broad range of entries on Qigong exercises, including a simple way of performing energy health assessments on self and others. The key practice which is discussed throughout the book is the core Daoist meditation practice of Zuowang, or sitting and forgetting. In addition to the explanations on the technique of Zuowang is an in-depth discussion on the Daoist alchemy of cultivation. And still more.

Michael Rinaldini (Shifu Li Chang Dao) is the Director of the Qigong and Daoist Training Center. He is a National Qigong Association Level IV (highest) Certified Qigong Teacher. He offers multiple levels of Qigong Certification programs for advanced trainings, for local and distance students. Shifu is a 22nd generation Longmen Daoist priest, ordained in China in 2003, and then in December, 2016, he received a second ordination by Abbot Bernard Shannon of Temple of Peace and Virtue as a Daoshi Priest of the Longmen lineage, 22nd generation.

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