Corona Gaia: A Heroic Crown of Sonnets
Sandy Eastoak, Poet and Artist
Original Date: Thursday, October 13, 2011

Download MP3 Audio File Here (19.3 MB)

A heroic crown of sonnets is a set of 15 sonnets linked by theme and line sequence. The last line of the first is the first line of the second and so on, with the last line of the fourteenth being the first line of the first. The fifteenth consists of the first lines of the other fourteen in order. "When my friend—and excellent poet—Hale Thatcher told me about this form, I thought, 'Wow! what a great metaphor for continuity in painting!' Then I realized I wouldn't get it unless I wrote one. Hale and I had been talking about the pain we feel about the destruction of earth's ecosystems, and whether artists and poets have any beneficial effect. So I wrote my first crown of sonnets about the medicine poets and artists bring to heal our world."

Sandy Eastoak is a visionary artist, poet, Buddhist mystic, and indigenous advocate. A founding member of Sebastopol Gallery and the Pomo Project, she is active in community and private events promoting a paradigm shift to ecological love and wisdom. Her art can be seen at Sebastopol Gallery (150 North Main) and at She will be reading Corona Gaia, both as poetry and as meditation, using sound and silence in an experiment of deepening.

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