Exploring the Spiritual Journey: Faith Styles and Stages
Ruah Bull, Director of Contemplative Programs, Journey Center
Original Date: Thursday, July 26, 7:30 pm

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What do fundamentalists and mystics have in common? How can Jerry Falwell and the Berrigan brothers both call themselves Christian? What does the Buddhist woman praying to a Buddha statue to insure the birth of a healthy baby boy have in common with the Dalai Lama? Is it possible that Gandhi's spinning wheel and a Brahman $250,000 wedding are both symbols of Hinduism? How were Osama bin Laden and Rumi both Muslim? Transpersonal philosopher Ken Wilbur writes that the most complete religions support people in both the translative stage, in which a healthy ego-self is formed, and the transformative stage, during which that ego self is transmuted. In this presentation we will examine together two maps—one that looks at the variety of faith styles, including the contemporary spiritual eclectic and secular humanist, and one that describes stages of the spiritual journey. The intention of these maps is not that we diagnose or label, but rather that we come to a greater understanding and appreciation of ourselves and one another so that we can live and work together with respect and compassion.

Ruah Bull, Ph.D., is a spiritual director who is on staff at The Journey center in Santa Rosa and in private practice in Petaluma. Her speciality is working with Spiritual Eclectics and Christians who are being called into the unraveling of the contemplative journey.

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