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Feminine Mysticism and the Deep Significance of Women
Maetreyii Nolan, Transpersonal Psychologist and Author
Original Date: Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Maetreyii Ma and her husband Liam will be joining us for an evening exploring Feminine Mysticism and the deep significance of women at this critical juncture in history. Drawing upon her recently released book on Feminine Mysticism, she will share the intuitive source and wisdom from which this book is derived. In this experiential evening, there will be some kirtan honoring the Divine Feminine lead by Liam, followed by a short, guided meditation and reading of some salient points from the book and discussion lead by Maetreyii Ma. We will end the evening by opening up space for a Q and A session and perhaps a final song.

Maetreyii Nolan, Ph.D. is a licensed transpersonal psychologist in private practice, author, a teacher of meditation and yoga, president of Ananda Seva Mission, co-director of the ASM Guru Kula Institute and a wife and mother. She lives in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area and continues to give the intuitive teachings she receives from her beloved Guru Deva, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Baba. These intuitive channeled teachings are shared for the welfare of all beings in books, at retreats and at Satsanga's like this one.

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