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Awakening to the Fifth Dimension
Vidya Frazier, Transpersonal Psychotherapist
Original Date: Thursday, March 5, 2015

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We are living in extraordinary times. Visionaries, indigenous elders, astrologers and spiritual teachers across the world have predicted these times in which a powerful and rapid global transformation would begin occurring across the planet, as humanity makes a quantum evolutionary leap into a radically higher state of being. Many are referring to this phenomenon as the Shift. Others are calling it Ascension—a time in which humanity is ascending into a consciousness known as the Fifth Dimension. In this dimension, such qualities as loving kindness, harmony, peace and justice prevail. Many of us are experiencing this rapid shift to higher consciousness in our personal lives in confusing ways. We can find ourselves in wondrous states of love, peace, and spaciousness. At other times, sudden anxiety, conflict and disorientation. It can all seem very confusing if not understood within the context of Ascension, in which all our old "baggage" is being released so we may enter into fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Vidya Frazier is an author, speaker, transpersonal psychotherapist, and quantum healer, and has traveled a many-faceted spiritual path over the last four decades.

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