Flowing Dragon Swords
Richard Squeri, Founder, Flowing Dragon Swords
Original date: Thursday, May 1, 2008

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Flowing Dragon Swords is a "game" of Communication, Relationship and Movement. Flowing Dragon Swords is played when two people face each other and touch wooden swords, then as soon as possible, make and maintain consistent eye contact. The Sword contact is held with no aggressive movement or preplanned outcome. The object is for two people to connect deeply and if inspired, to co-create motion. When this is realized, a window to another world opens. Suddenly, there is no winning or losing, no blame, or expectation there is simply seeing yourself and others in a profound and simple way that heals, forms bonds, and invites deep dialogue.

Richard Squeri Jr. founded the Game of Flowing Dragon Swords in 1989. It was known for its first fifteen years as "Tai Chi Sticking Swords-Dragon Slayer Style". Richard is a Therapeutic Counselor, Stunt and Stage Combat Instructor, Founder, Stone Mason and Grandfather. Richard hopes to add Author in the fall of 2009 with the book "The Story of Flowing Dragon Swords"

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