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Haiku Harbor
Jim Wilson, Haiku Poet and Many Rivers Co-Founder
Original Date: Thursday, April 13, 2017

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The Japanese form of poetry known as haiku was first introduced into the English speaking world early in the 20th century. After a slow start, beginning in the 1950's, haiku began to be of interest to many English language poets, both professional and amateur. Today it is a widely practiced form of poetry at all levels of society from popular culture to professional poets in Universities. Haiku has become part of the poetic world for English speaking people. We will spend an evening looking at some of the haiku written by English Language haiku poets; including haiku by Richard Wright, James Hackett, Hayden Carruth, Paul Muldoon, Susan August, Edith Shiffert, and others. We will also take a look at some haiku from popular culture. To round out the evening we will discuss the particular appeal that haiku has for people and how this short form of poetry cultivates focus, understanding, and expands our awareness of the world we live in and of each other.

Jim Wilson is a poet who has spent a lot of time writing in Japanese forms including renga, tanka, and haiku. He has published three volumes of haiku and runs a Facebook group devoted to the form.

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