Integral Ecology:
Uniting Multiple Perspectives on the Natural World

Sean Esbjorn-Hargens, Ph.D., Chair, Integral Theory Dept, J.F.K. University
Original date: Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Today there is a bewildering diversity of views on ecology and the natural environment. With more than a hundred ecological schools of thought and methodologies—and scientists, economists, religious leaders, activists, and others often taking completely different stances on the issues—how can we come to agreement to solve our toughest environmental problems? In response to this pressing need, Integral Ecology unites the valuable insights from multiple perspectives into a comprehensive theoretical framework—one that can be put to use right now. Real-life applications of integral ecology are examined, including work with marine fisheries in Hawaii, strategies of eco-activists to protect Canada's Great Bear Rainforest, and a study of community development in El Salvador.

Sean Esbjorn-Hargens has made substantial contributions to the creation of the fields of integral ecology, integral education, and integral research. He is the founding Executive Editor of the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice. Recently, he co-founded and co-organized the biennial Integral Theory Conference. His recently published book Integral Ecology, co-written with Michael Zimmerman, is just one of many writing projects Dr. Esbjorn-Hargens has been working on. He lives outside Sebastopol on five acres of redwoods with his wife and two daughters.

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