Japanese Ink Painting: A Spiritual Odyssey
Michael Hofmann, Artist and Sumi-e Teacher
Original Date: Thursday, February 16, 7:30 pm

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Artist Michael Hofmann will talk about the 35 years he spent in Kyoto as a painter, and his discipleship to the sumi-e painter and Zen priest Jikihara Gyokusei. The evening will begin with a 10 minute slide show of Michael's favorite spots in and around Kyoto, and images of both his and his teacher's work. There will also be a discussion of the spiritual character of Japanese ink painting, specifically Zen painting, with its emphasis on spontaneity and expressive brushwork.

Michael Hofmann has had solo exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout Japan. He occasionally illustrates books and magazine articles; most recently Liza Dalby's novel Hidden Buddhas, published by Stone Bridge Press, and an essay by Pico Iyer for Shambhala Sun. Last year Michael moved to Forestville where he gives classes in sumi-e.

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