Journey to the Heart of the Maker
Grace Kelly Rivera, Author of Journey to the Heart of the Maker
Original Date: Thursday, March 15, 7:30 pm

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For those interested in accelerating their self-transformation, Journey to the Heart of the Maker contains a wealth of practical knowledge sure to engender new modes of thinking and patterns of behavior in everyone who reads it. In this irrepressible record of one woman's shamanic initiation, Grace Kelly Rivera provides invaluable techniques to help break habits of egocentricity and keep us ever oriented towards the divine. Her bold path of spiritual inquiry traverses such diverse spiritual terrain as out of body experience, meditation, motherhood, angels, Sufi poetry, the Fourth Way, alchemy, flamenco, coating higher bodies, invocation of presence, crystal quartz radio technology, essential oils, sacred acting, and prayer. Rivera plays easily in deep spiritual waters, bolstered by decades of training with spiritual teacher E.J. Gold. Rivera's painterly approach to writing and teaching, with its generous strokes and penchant for compassion, is sure to captivate.

Grace Kelly Rivera was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and grew up in Maryland. After meeting her mentor E.J. Gold, her life-long interest in art's relationship to the spiritual was transformed as she came to understand different art forms as perceptual tools for the pursuit of self knowledge. She articulates some of these perspectives in her newly published book Journey to the Heart of the Maker.

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