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Journey Toward the Sacred:
From the Outer Work of Political Activism to the Inner Work of Sacred Activism

Rose Volckhausen (pen name Janet Rose): Author of Journey: From Political Activism to the Work
Original Date: Monday, February 13, 2017

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From the world of social concern and political activism, to the world of spiritual practice, the book Journey traces one woman's journey from the world of outer work to the world of inner work. The author's personal journey has particular contemporary relevance as reactionary politics generate contexts for despair over increasing suffering and social fragmentation. How can the inner work of the spirit support generous, effective, heart-open responses to the heart-rending destruction created by fear, greed, and delusion operating in the public sphere? In times when the outer world seems so dangerously unbalanced, how do we nurture and draw upon the power of the inner life to heal ourselves and others?

Rose Volckhausen has been previously published in magazines and journals, including Country Women and Harper's Weekly. She is a graduate of Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, and was awarded membership in Phi Beta Kappa in 1971. After earning her M.A. in Counseling, she worked as a psychotherapist and taught as an adjunct professor in counseling psychology at a private college. She is a student of the Western Baul teacher Lee Lozowick, and has lived and worked in a spiritual community in northern Arizona for the past 30 years.

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