Karmic Manure: Fertilizing the Work on Self
Rob Schmidt, Ph.D. and Stuart Goodnick, Tayu Meditation Teachers
Original date: Thursday, January 28, 2010

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Bodies eat and excrete. And not just physical bodies work this way: in an important sense, the human organism "eats" life impressions, "excretes" habitual/mechanical responses to those impressions, and finds itself entangled in karmic attachments as a result. Society neither teaches nor encourages examination of this process, but serious spiritual practitioners put attention upon every aspect of their lives, not just the things that support flattering self-portraits. Saints do not shrink from engagement with the consequences of their actions; they achieve liberation from karmic attachments precisely because they dirty their hands through the process of composting their own karmic manure. Join us for a discussion of the unappetizing but down-to-earth, unmistakably necessary side of karmic gardening.

Rob Schmidt, Ph.D., and Stuart Goodnick received apprentice and master-level training in the alchemical transformation of human consciousness from Tayu Meditation Center founder Robert Daniel Ennis. Tayu owns and operates Many Rivers Books & Tea.

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