Patience and the Silent Mind
Kenny Johnson, Author of the forthcoming spiritual autobiography The Last Hustle
Original Date: Thursday, December 16, 2010

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What if you had worked long and hard on a huge project that touched upon every aspect of your life, because that project constitutes the story of your life? What if in its wisdom, the Universe delayed the full manifestation of that project beyond what you had hoped for and expected? Cultivating the virtue of Patience might now seem inevitable. And what might be the product of that cultivation? Join us as spiritual teacher Kenny Johnson returns to discuss the relationship of patience and the silent mind.

Kenny Johnson was an incarcerated prisoner for decades. But throughout his criminal career, he was primarily a prisoner of his own compulsive needs to take. Now with patience he gives help to those incarcerated in the prisons of their own making. He is the author of the forthcoming spiritual autobiography The Last Hustle.

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