Kriya Chakra Yoga
Dr. Swami Kriyananda Kanda, aka Dr. Calen Daniel, Founder, Sebastopol Wellness Center
Original Date: Thursday, July 25, 2013

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Dr. Swami Kriyananda Kanda writes: As Yoga practitioners, we embrace the threefold discipline of Love, Wisdom and Harmony. In the practice of Yoga, we find complete renewal and reconciliation. The key is to practice and be who we truly are, so that we can flourish to enhance all of Life. I invite you to practice Raja Yoga with us in community. As followers of Divine Light we bring forth the Body Temple. Cultivating the Body Temple, we naturally come to act as responsible stewards of the gift of the Earth, and of all its creatures and resources.

Dr. Swami Kriyananda Kanda, aka Dr. Calen Daniel, DC, is a groundbreaking leader in the field of Whole Nutrition, and Holistic Health. After experiencing, in depth, the benefits of a Sattvic lifestyle and being a direct disciple of the brahmin Dr. Keshaba Bhat, Swami Kriyananda promotes the practice of Yoga, the use of food as medicine, and Yoga Therapy. His work consolidates modern science and the most ancient Vedic philosophy. He founded the Sebastopol Wellness Center as a venue to share what he received from his teachers.

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