Introducing A Course in Miracles—From Scratch!
Helena Leifer, Ph.D., Facilitator and Psychologist
Original Date: Thursday, October 6, 2011

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Join us for an occasion to come into acquaintance with a particular version of a carefully conceived universal spiritual curriculum. The evening will offer a chance to commence a truly personal experience in relationship with a clear, sane, introspective intelligence—a step by step guide emphasizing, through voluntary daily application rather than prior commitment, a divine influence as an agency working in the heart of man.

Facilitator Helena Leifer has engaged in the role of learner-teacher, with the Guide through the Course in Miracles, since 1985. She continues a constant process of choosing the Course as a basis of what she wants to learn. As a psychologist in private practice, she invites individuals to engage in and experience the freedom of non-resistant and co-creative opportunity.

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