Life Explorer—A Journey into Oneness
Gobind Singh Khalsa, Teacher and Healer
Original Date: Thursday, October 28, 2010

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Join us for a discussion of Gobind Singh Khalsa's "A Journey into Oneness," an awareness workshop that gives you a way to explore the reality of who you are and provide you with the tools to resolve conflicts for self-healing. It can give you the capacity manifest your destiny, deepen relationships through love, and open up to a state of royal courage. The workshop uses knowledge, insights, contemplative awareness, Kundalini yoga, and journaling to bring about a change. When you open the door to your true reality, all things become apart of you and the most wonderful thing happens.

Gobind Singh Khalsa is a spiritual teacher who brings a wealth of wisdom and inspiration. He teaches people how to break through habits and barriers to grow in awareness. His programs offer a way to move through the times, become enlightened, and happy. He teaches programs and classes and offers private healing and yoga sessions.

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