Living as a Couple as a Spiritual Practice
Judith Goleman, MFT, Rabbinic Pastor in the Jewish Renewal Movement
Original Date: Thursday, August 9, 7:30 pm

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Living as a Couple is wonderful and challenging. It can become a powerful spiritual practice. In this talk, Judith Goleman, MFT, will present strategies to utilize this close relationship for the sake of spiritual growth. She will discuss concepts from Jewish mysticism that support our movement toward a greater sense of reality. This movement sets free the sparks of holiness that are the deep truth of our nature. Our close partner can be an invaluable guide to locating the areas in which our sparks of holiness are trapped and are waiting to be set free, and can actively help to set them free. This talk will offer ways to use these spiritual teachings as a basis for looking at our lives in our relationships—how, in fact, being a couple can be a spiritual practice.

Judith Goleman, MFT, has been a Marriage and Family Therapist for thirty-six years in Sebastopol. She was ordained last year as a Rabbinic Pastor in the Jewish Renewal Movement. She has been in love with the concepts of Jewish Mysticism most of her life.

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