Love Being: Waking Up in New Consciousness
Mark Allen Frost, Author of Love Being and other Seth books
Original Date: Thursday, June 7, 7:30 pm

Download MP3 Audio File Here (15.2 MB)

Love Being - Waking Up in the New Consciousness, is the latest book from Seth, the metaphysical author and educator. Mark Allen Frost will read from the book and answer questions from the audience as Seth. In Part I the reader is taught how to create positive states of consciousness using the Seth Teaching. In Part II the reader learns how to convey a sense of Loving, Understanding and Courage to the human collective, in an anticipation of the Awakening of Humanity. The book includes the personal Findings of participants in The Visionary Project: a small group of independent scholars from five different countries who are utilizing the Seth Teaching in Regimens of self-discovery.

Mark Allen Frost M.S., Counseling Psychology, has written ten books with Seth. Currently they are working on a book about Death and the Afterlife. Mark lives in Lake County California with his wife Carol, an astrologer and blogger, and his four cats. To schedule a Seth Phone Reading, contact Mark at

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