Madness at the Gates of the City:
The Myth of American Innocence

Barry Spector, Author of Madness at the Gates of the City
Original Date: Thursday, January 27, 2011

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In this disturbing and evocative book, Barry Spector offers us a trenchant commentary on the ignorance, pathos and shadows residing in the American addiction to innocence. The book is a strikingly imaginative rumination on our society, reaching back into Greek mythology to illuminate the world today. It is a fascinating blend of literature, history and myth, and while we have had many critiques of contemporary America, this one is unique in the way it draws upon the Greek gods to examine, with devastating accuracy, our present deities of war and greed. This is truly an original work. The power of myth is that it is eternal, and Spector not only offers much to contemplate about today's society, but also new perspectives upon ancient classics.

Barry Spector writes about American history and politics from the perspectives of myth, indigenous traditions and archetypal psychology. He is a regular contributor to Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche and the online journal Mythic Passages.

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