Many Rivers, One Sea
Laura Duggan
Original Date: Thursday, March 22, 7:30 pm

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Friends ask how I could be practicing Buddhism which advocates the perspective of "no self" after decades of being committed to a Vedic tradition, which most definitely asserts an eternal Self. My answer: "Many Rivers, all flowing into one sea." In this evening at Many Rivers, I want to explore the truth of this. Is there one sea? Do all rivers lead to the same place? Can one's path be a synthesis, or does that make it a compromise? What is the viewpoint of mystics and how does that compare with the view of traditionalists? Many questions, but not one answer.

Laura Duggan is a life-long spiritual seeker and sometimes finder, currently a student of Tibetan Buddhism. She is also a Waldorf teacher, an avid meditator, and author of An Inquiring Life.

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