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Me With Me
Janet Caliri, Author of Me With Me
Original Date: Thursday, August 6, 2015

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Are self-respect and self-compassion top priority for you? Would you like to create healthy boundaries for the benefit of all your relationships? Do you think forgiveness is giving control over to another? Me With Me is likened to "Put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others." How can you possibly help another when you're not breathing enough oxygen yourself? Stop the martyr madness! Debunk the myth that putting yourself first is selfish! Janet will share her personal rite of passage that occurred immediately following the publishing of this book. Then engage you in the benefits of self-love:

• Free yourself of guilt, shame and obligation.
• Learn how to listen to your body and honor it.
• Become more confident and less attached to what others think about you.
• Develop more compassion for self and others.

Janet Caliri is a human potential practitioner whose mission is igniting human potential. She is a former medical professional in cardiovascular radiology, professional photographer, a certified life coach, published author and trained artist teacher for emotionally disturbed and at-risk youth at an award winning non-profit in LA. Her current business, Visible Transitions focuses on helping people create more ease and joy in difficult life transitions using her unique photographic methodology

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