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The Metaphor of Awakening
Mark Allen Frost of Seth Returns Publishing
Original Date: Thursday, October 8, 2015

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Seth suggests in his latest books that we are on Earth at this time for a reason. We come into physical existence to express the infinite in terms of everything that can be thought, seen and felt. As we grow into adults we identify our Issues: those aspects of personality that pit us against others. We learn our Lessons by facing our Issues and transforming the negative into the positive in a broad sense. Seth calls this process Awakening. It is a metaphor for All That Is as it expresses itself in the Third Dimension. Mark and Seth will discuss this metaphor of Awakening and answer questions from the audience.

Mark Allen Frost M.S., Counseling Psychology, has written eleven books with Seth, the metaphysical author and educator. Mark as Seth provides consultation services to Seth's students around the world. He lives in Lake County California with his wife Carol, an astrologer and blogger, and their rescue pets. To schedule a Seth Phone Reading, contact Mark at

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