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The Moontime Harmony Workbook
Donna Wolper, Author of The Moontime Harmony Workbook
Original Date: Thursday, April 28, 2016

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The Moontime Harmony Workbook is a guide for women who need help discovering the Sacred dimension of the menstrual cycle or moontime. Moontime is a time to self-nurture, slow down and tune into one's inner self where healing, creativity and wisdom can be accessed. It is a monthly opportunity for a wombyn to come home to herself and visit the inner garden of the Goddess. This book is a roadmap that is designed to help a wombyn get there. This event will explain how this book helps a wombyn to chart her cycle, listen to her body, peel away negative imprints and redefine what the spiritual aspect of the menstrual cycle is about. There will be some brief reading from the 'focuses', discussion of the essential lunar rhythms that create a positive moontime experience and discussion of the menarche and how important it is for setting the tone of one's moontime and how it can be redesigned to be a healthy and positive introduction into one's moontime life.

Donna Wolper lived 18 winters in a small, fishing village south of Puerto Vallarta that had no cars, roads, electricity, or phones. Donna and her family integrated into the Mexican culture living in harmony with the jungle, and oceanic rhythms. The natural world was her mentor and eventually she realized that her moontime cycle harmonized with the phases of the moon and that the wisdom of the Blood Mysteries were her moontime guideposts. Donna was inspired to write her book so that other women could find their path to the Sacred and discover the gift of the menstrual cycle. Written in 1993, it was published in 2015.

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