Occupy Your Body
Oksana Yufa and Gene Nathan, MD, healing professionals
Original Date: Thursday, June 14, 7:30 pm

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This evening is dedicated for those of us who want to be present here and now in our bodies. Taking mindfulness beyond meditation and relaxation, we are sharing tools and techniques to use the energy centers of your body as medicine bag, temple, power object, and portal into dreaming. This event is appropriate for all levels of awareness. Working lungs and heart and an open mind is the only requirement. We may work with chakras, the spinal system, the brain, the organ system, the ventral line, past or present lifetimes, or other centers and arrangements of body consciousness, depending on the whims of the facilitators.

Your facilitators are Dr. Gene Nathan MD and Oksana Yufa. Together they have over 45 years of experience in the healing professions, counseling, body work, and guiding others in mindful growth. Their training and teaching span medicine, yoga, Taoism, Toltec traditions, Kabbalah, cranio-sacral therapy, and integrative medicine, among others.

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