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Poetry for Sale (Renga)
Pat Nolan, Poet, Novelist, Publisher, Editor
Original Date: Friday, November 6, 2015

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Pat Nolan will be reading from and speaking about his latest book, Poetry For Sale, a selection of linked poetry in the style of the Japanese haikai no renga. The eleven haikai no renga included in Poetry For Sale were written over period of nearly thirty years by Pat Nolan and his renku collaborators, Keith Kumasen Abbott, Sandy Berrigan, Gloria Frym, Steven Lavoie, Joen Eshima Moore, Maureen Owen, Michael Sowl, and John Veglia. This collection of linked poetry presents a fascinating excursion in comparative literature by a cross-section of exceptional, widely-published American poets. In these pages haikai no renga is synthesized as a brief, highly suggestive, well spoken, maddeningly ambiguous, read-between-the-lines kind of poetry tuned to a common understanding.

Pat Nolan is the author of numerous poetry selections and two novels. His poetry and translations have appeared in a half dozen anthologies including Up Late, American Poets Since 1970 (1989) and Poems For the Millennium, Vol. I (1995). His online serial novel, Ode To Sunset, is available for perusal at He is publisher, editor, and production designer at Nualláin House, Publishers.

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