Poetry Reading: Connections
John Miatech, Karl Frederick, Cynthia Poten, Poets
Original Date: Thursday, October 25, 2012

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Three local poets with ears for nature and pens infused with indigenous sensibilities offer to deepen our experience of connection with the earth and each other.

Cynthia Poten, a resident of Graton, is a radio producer and writer. Her poetry explores the inner journey and how history impacts our shared journey. From 2007 - 2011 she produced Poetry Basket, A Monthly Reading of Poems from Near and Far, for KIDE- Hoopa Tribal Radio.

John Miatech's poems speak of wild places, of the spiritual relationship between humans and the Earth, of the deeper belief that everything in the natural world is alive and connected, and that you can find this out for yourself if you take the time. Growing up in Michigan, John living in California as an adult has allowed him to roam the rich landscape of lakes and rivers, deserts, mountains and forests that these two regions provide, giving him a deep bond with the secret places of both areas, and with the voices that speak within their borders. His work has appeared in Anesthesia Review, BlazeVox, RiverSedge, Cellar Roots, Big River Poetry Review, Savasvati, Blue Lake Review and Northwest Review.

Karl Frederick wrote rhymes in his teen years, poetry in the last two years of college, and virtually nothing for the next twenty years, until David Whyte re-awakened his muse in 1986. He now lives in Sebastopol and writes for the enjoyment of those who are pleased to see him engaged in pursuits not likely to harm himself or others.

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