The Power of Presence
Jim Dreaver, Author and Teacher
Original date: Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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"Whenever I am with Jim, his clear, powerful presence makes it easy for me to be present, and I feel a lot freer of all that was bothering me. This has had the effect of a momentum towards freedom growing inside me, and I can literally sense my creative potential wanting to explode. It feels great...!"

Like Eckhart Tolle, Jim Dreaver teaches a path to freedom through learning to be authentically present. As we become freer, everything in our lives—health, creativity, relationships, finances—begins to work much more harmoniously. In his new book, end your story. Begin your life… Mastering the Practice of Freedom (Satori Books, $26), he offers a remarkably simple practice for coming back to presence whenever you are experiencing conflict, upset, or suffering. Come join us for an experience that will be enlightening, engaging, and fun! Jim will sign copies of his book.

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