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The Second Coming: the Realization of the Feminine Presence
Meghan Don, Award-Winning Author
Original Date: Thursday, June 26, 2014

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The Second Coming of Christ is not specifically Christian, and nor is it a literalism of Jesus the person reappearing. A movement in our world that has been unfolding its wings for over 200 years now, and that is the Feminine Presence, or World-Soul, resurrecting into its fullness in all peoples. We can see aspects of this transformation with the Shakers, Theosophists, feminists, environmental efforts and new relational business models in our world. In this presentation Meghan Don will speak to how this Feminine Presence may be felt and known in our own lives, unearthing the sacredness of desire and the nature of relational and soul-depth understanding. We are being asked to come into spiritual maturity and authenticity, to become fully human. We are the Second Coming.

Meghan Don has long been both student and teacher of the Christian mystical tradition. She has spent the last 5 years in training, and in-depth study, with Tau Malachi of the Sophian Lineage. She is an Award-Winning Author of Meditations with Teresa of Avila: A Journey into the Sacred, and Sacred Companions Sacred Community: Reflections with Clare of Assisi. Meghan was born in New Zealand, but currently lives in California. Meghan is writing a new book on the Seven Faces of the Feminine Presence.

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