The Seth Autobiography
Mark Allen Frost of Seth Returns Publishing
Original Date: Thursday, March 10, 2011

Download MP3 Audio File Here (12.5 MB)

Mark Allen Frost will read from Seth—A Multidimensional Autobiography. In his new book the noted metaphysical author and educator briefly describes some of his lives including one that will not exist for another 2000 years. Seth has been a spice merchant, a caring mother, a Buddhist scribe, a Roman soldier, and even a minor Pope. His descriptions of his various lives are captivating, informative, and inspiring. Interwoven with this biographical material run the threads of the Seth teaching, based upon Seth's famous premise that you create your own reality. This will be the only Seth event offered in Sonoma County in 2011.

Mark Allen Frost has written seven books with Seth, with three more in the works. Mark lives with his wife Carol in Lake County California where he writes and provides consultation services for his clients.

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