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Sharing the Earth
Martin Adams, Author of Sharing the Earth
Original Date: Thursday, October 10, 2013

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What if you could live in a world where everyone had enough? Where financial struggle would not exist, and where involuntary unemployment and poverty could become a thing of the past? A world where our economies are thriving, yet our ecologies are sustained? Martin Adams, author of Sharing the Earth not only shows that such a world is possible, he also shows how it can be accomplished. He builds a case for a detailed and comprehensive economic reform of unprecedented scope, and it does so with both sound logic and a passion guaranteed to draw in anyone who has ever dreamed of a brighter future and a better world, for ourselves and future generations.

A business graduate and social entrepreneur, Martin Adams has been a student of economic reality both in school and on the ground. Over the course of his business career, he realized that a good economy could potentially improve the human condition on a far more effective scale than any social endeavor ever could. His experience led him on a quest to discover an economic system that could allow for a greater unfolding of human potential. Martin is founder of Sharing the Earth Inc., a consultancy and media company, and lives with his wife in Northern California.

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