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Silence is a Swiftly Flowing Stream that is Hidden in Plain Sight
Jim Wilson, Author of An Annotated Edition of A Guide To True Peace
Original Date: Thursday, May 12, 2016

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The practice of the prayer of interior silence is central for the Quaker tradition. The Quaker manual for this kind of prayer is called A Guide to True Peace, published in 1813, but based on material that goes back to the 1600's.

In Jim Wilson's latest book, An Annotated Edition of 'A Guide to True Peace', he uncovers the material that the Guide is based on and brings it forward, interpolating the material into the Guide itself. The result is a multi-dimensional spiritual collage that illuminates the prayer of interior silence from various perspectives. Some of the material woven into the Annotated Edition comes from the works of Madame Guyon, Archbishop Fenelon, and other works from the 1600's. The evening's talk will focus on this type of prayer and how it can be used by people in all walks of life, the history of the Guide and how it has been used, and how the Guide's teachings can assist us on our own journey into interior silence.

Jim Wilson studied Buddhism in Kore and Japan, is a former Buddhist monk and Prison Chaplain. He is currently a member of the local Quaker Meeting. He spends most of his free time writing poetry.

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