Spring 2009 Chinese and Taiwanese Teas
Winnie Yu, Founder and Owner, Teance Fine Teas
Original date: Thursday, June 4, 2009

Download MP3 Audio File Here (15.2 MB)

Join us for a festive celebration of spring in East Asia, as Winnie Yu of Teance Fine Teas / Teance Tea Room in Berkeley joins us upon her return from her spring tea-buying trip to China and Taiwan! As in past tastings with Winnie, she will bring some of the freshest fine teas available for your pleasure; plus she has promised to taste a few of her personal "special lot" teas of a quality few Americans ever have access to. Join us for a taste of fresh tea heaven here in Sebastopol!

Winnie Yu is Director and one of the founders of Teance Fine Teas in Berkeley. She has been recognized as one of the founders of the new renaissance of tea appreciation in the United States. Her love of tea began in her childhood in Hong Kong. Her mission with Teance has been to bring appreciation for, and knowledge about, genuinely-made whole-leaf teas to a new audience in the United States. Check out her writing about tea culture in articles posted on the Teance website, for example this latest piece on "A Day in the Life of a Tea Harvester" at http://www.teance.com/category_s/208.htm.

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