Summer Soul—A Celebration in Poetry and Music
Raphael Block, Bhavani Judith Tucker, and Phil Lawrence, Performers
Original Date: Thursday, July 11, 2013

Download MP3 Audio File Here (16.6 MB)

Periodically, on raised periscopic necks, three pairs of eyes swivel towards us. Quizzical? curious? checking for danger? those soft orbs from the mysterious depths. Back along the shore, washed up wood resembles seals, and from bleached trunks liquid irises peer at the odds and ends of my humanity. Extract from Concealed in Spangling Darkness

Join us for an evening with Bhavani Judith Tucker's and Phil Lawrence's music woven through Raphael Block's words. Bhavani plays keyboard, harmonium, percussion, guitar, and Phil plays mandolin, harmonica, tenor banjo, guitar. ( Raphael Block is author of Songs from a Small Universe (2009) and Spangling Darkness (due 2013). You can listen to his work at

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