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The Tarot Game™
Jude Alexander, Tarot Teacher and designer of The Tarot Game™
Original Date: Thursday, October 30, 2014

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Come join us for The Tarot Game™. A roll of the dice will begin your personal journey of transformation. This non-competitive game gives the opportunity, even to those with little or no experience; to learn intuitive card reading, deepen relationships, and further knowledge of the Tarot. Jude will guide you and assist with interpretations of the tarot cards you encounter during game play. Expect some insights and a few laughs!

Jude Alexander is a tarot adept, teacher, and game enthusiast. She has a degree in Theatre Arts and has guided transformational play for individuals and women's groups. Jude designed The Tarot Game™, which comprises her 25-year plus journey of tarot, to give others a playful environment in which to practice intuitive card reading and to strengthen soul connection.

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