Wielding the Sword of Spiritual Discrimination
Stuart Goodnick and Rob Schmidt, Ph.D., Many Rivers founders and Tayu Teachers
Original Date: Thursday, December 30, 2010

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Nondualism—popularly simplified and misconceived as "All Is One"—is the spiritual flavor du jour. But as a conceptual representation meant to point to a greater truth, nondualism is just another word/idea liable to misinterpretation and misuse. Any idiot can parrot words and ideas associated with nondualism without regard for what's happening. For example, expressing the idea of nondualism to someone in suffering or in need could be the cruelest sort of lie. If nondualism is to mean anything useful, it must be put into service of something greater than the mind that wields this concept. The late Lee Lozowick said that "nondualism means that there is nothing that is independent of anything else" which is considerably different than saying "All is One." To directly perceive the truth of interconnection at the level of the body and the heart requires much more than simply repeating words and ideas. Moreover, to reliably reproduce this achievement moment after moment, during every sort of experience of life, demands persistent organic cultivation. Join us at this final talk of 2010 for a discussion of the subtleties of spiritual discrimination in service of All and Everything.

Stuart Goodnick and Rob Schmidt, Ph.D., and received apprentice and master-level training in the alchemical transformation of human consciousness from Tayu Meditation Center founder Robert Daniel Ennis. Tayu owns and operates Many Rivers Books& Tea.

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