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The Fluid Body: New Poems
Claire Drucker, MFA, Poet, SRJC English Teacher, Educational Strategist
Original Date: Thursday, October 23, 2014

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Claire normally keeps her work close to home but with this first collection of poems published by Finishing Line Press, Claire gives readers a glimpse into the personal, sometimes playful, always poignant experience of being a dancer, mother, twin, lesbian, lover of nature, and how all these places are felt through the changing mysteries of the body. These poems shape the visceral musicality of language and emotion into universal felt experience, and leave a resonant echo long after the poems end. Poet and publisher of Kulupi Press, Arthur Dawson, says that Claire's poems offer "a gift from that salty ocean where the blood of birth and death, of suffering and joy, all mingle…At the heart of these poems is a profound compassion, a sense that we're all in this together."

Claire Drucker has published poems in numerous journals, such as Phoebe, Controlled Burn, Diner, Epiphany, Puerto del Sol, Eclipse and the Women's Artist Datebook. Her first chapbook, Vortex, was published in 2008. Claire is a longtime English instructor at Santa Rosa Junior College, and a poet-teacher with CA Poets in the Schools. She also works as a writing coach and educational strategist for junior high and high school students.

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