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Treasure of the Heart: A Journey of Satsang, Awakening and Evolution
Kalia Chan, author of Treasure of the Heart
Original Date: Thursday, September 29 , 2016

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A young American man meets Tsogyal, a Tibetan woman, who shares with him teachings on awakening, evolution and liberation. The “creedless truth” that she shares comes from her own awakened insight as well as her knowledge of many spiritual traditions, including Taoism, Buddhism and Christianity.

An adventure of the body, mind and spirit follows as Mark, the young American, proceeds through his life, experiencing many ups and downs. His journey borders on the magical as he proceeds to embody the teachings, and more importantly, the awakening.

Throughout it all, Tsogyal helps to ground him in the here and now with an uncanny and miraculous capacity. Her skill, compassion and wisdom never fail to wake Mark up. As Mark’s process deepens and his own capacity for love and wisdom increases, he discovers something in Tsogyal. That discovery, at first a source of suffering, later becomes the ground of the “juiciness” of awakening.

In 2003, after sitting with Adyashanti for a couple of years, Kalia Chan experienced a “recognition”. He continued to sit with Adyashanti for another five years. In 2009, the skillful means of Vajrayana awoke an ongoing process of energy and penetrating awareness. A few years ago, another “recognition”, this one brilliant luminosity, occurred in the presence of Ammachi, the “hugging saint.” Kalia currently lives near Sebastopol, California with his cat, Lion.

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