The Trilogy: Three New Seth Books to Inspire You
Mark Allen Frost, M.S., Author with Seth of The Trilogy
Original date: Thursday, July 8, 2010

Download MP3 Audio File Here (17.4 MB)

Mark Allen Frost is the voice for Seth, the beloved metaphysical author and educator. For eight years Mark and Seth have been writing books together and sharing the Seth Teaching with readers in the US and around the world. Join them for an intriguing discussion and investigation of their new project: The Trilogy—three new Seth manuals to explore your personal reality. Subjects to be covered in this talk include The Shift, 2012, Past Lives, Spirit Guides, Lost Civilizations, Soul Mates, Soul Evolution, Awakening with the Seth Teaching, and Manifestation. There will be time for questions at the conclusion of the lecture.

Mark Allen Frost has written six books with Seth, with three more in the works. With Casa Smith he created 911: The Unknown Reality of the World, the first new Seth book in two decades. Then Mark and Seth created The Next Chapter in the Reality of the Soul and Thought Reality. Now they offer The Trilogy Mark lives with his wife Carol in Lake County where he writes and provides consultation services for his clients.

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