Universitas: Toward an Awakened Future
Joseph W. Ulmer, Author of UNIVERSITAS
Original date: Thursday, October 1, 2009

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In Universitas lies a different view of Consciousness. Author Joseph W. Ulmer shows that what we call "Consciousness" is just a logical extension of evolutionary processes as our physical traits. He takes us logically through the process. In the last chapter he takes the thinking on this subject on a path usually avoided by most philosophers. Setting aside arguments between materialists and idealists, he steps boldly "outside the box" for a lucid and compelling understanding of consciousness; the "box" in this case is the cranium. Implicit in the book is the profound understanding that everything we see as "problems" exist only when we see ourselves as somehow separate from the entire context of Nature and, rather than expounding the ways in which we are "special," explores those myriad ways in which we are not.

Jospeh W. Ulmer, a Sebastopol resident for 33 years, is a life-long teacher and veteran of the men's consciousness movement of the 80s. A lifelong student of Biology and Anthropology, and a believer in the "elegant theory," he has logically come to this deep understanding of mind.

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