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Vajrayana in Today's World
Ken McLeod, Author of Reflections on Silver River, A Trackless Path, and more
Original Date: Thursday, October 12, 2017

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For centuries, the Indian tradition of esoteric Buddhism known as Vajrayana was practiced and preserved in the mountains and monasteries of Tibet. Many aspiring mystics have found this potent combination of sorcery, energy transformation and direct awareness practices difficult to understand. As a translator, practitioner and teacher, Ken McLeod is probably uniquely equipped to offer insights as to how this mystical tradition might evolve in the West. We look forward to an exciting and insightful discussion of how we, in this country, in this culture, may realize our own spiritual yearnings through these practices that were locked away for many centuries.

Ken McLeod is a writer, translator, teacher and business consultant. His writings on Buddhist practice include Reflections on Silver River, An Arrow to the Heart, and most recently, A Trackless Path. Through Unfettered Mind (, he taught Buddhist practice in Southern California for almost 30 years. He now lives in Sonoma County, California where he is working on his next book - how Vajrayana might be practiced in today's world.

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