The Value of Spiritual Retreats
Michael Rinaldini, Daoist Priest and Founder of American Dragon Gate Lineage
Original date: Thursday, March 11, 2010

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What is the value of a spiritual retreat? In this evening's talk, Michael Rinaldini will talk about the many retreats he has participated in during the last 38 years. His talk will cover a broad scope of retreats. He will glimpse through several spiritual traditions, from Kriya Yoga retreats, to Catholic Monastic retreats, to Buddhist retreats, to Qigong and Daoist retreats. Michael will also talk about his experiences as a retreat teacher in the Qigong and Daoist tradition, including his own annual solitary retreats. From these different retreat experiences he will try to pull out the benefits of pursuing the retreat path.

Michael Rinaldini is a nationally certified Qigong teacher, and a Daoist Priest, and founder of the American Dragon Gate Lineage. He is Director of the Qigong and Daoist Training Center:

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